A good crop

This summer has been a strange one, weather wise. I just heard on the news that it has been the wettest one since they started recording such things, some one hundred years ago. Yet I have had a good crop of some things, while others (like beets) have not done quite so well.

Broad beans have certainly done well this summer, and today I picked, shelled and blanched yet an other load. Now broad beans are not the regular fare here in Norway, and save for growing them yourself you are not likely to come across them here. I am quite partial to broad beans.

But since they are not commonly available here they do not figure in the Norwegian food tradition either. So I am short of a recipe or two on how to prepare them (the usual way I serve them is to give them a quick boil, and "Bob is your uncle"). Do you happen to have a good recipe that you would be happy to share? I sure would love to know.

Broad beans I grow in my potager, but mushrooms grow in the wild. And this year there has been a glut of them in the woods behind our house (must be all the rain). They are, of course, best eaten freshly picked and quickly fried, but the second best choice is to dry them. Which is what I have done this year (my freezer is still full of cantarelle from last summer... and the summer before). Good mushrooms recipes... anyone?