Tolix love

I can not remember the last time I bought I stick of furniture... The ones we have, have been in service for years, and have followed us from town to country. Most of them are either inherited or bought second hand. And that is quite the way we like it.

But for the past half a year I have had a secret love affair with the classic Tolix chair, and have wanted one "to have and to hold". And now all of a sudden I have four of them! And I do love them.

I especially love the distressed old look of these particular Tolix chairs. Just as I love the bluey greeny colour. Even though the old patina is not really a genuine article. Just as the chair itself is not really a genuine Tolix.

Not that I care of such "minor details". As long as I love love love the chairs. So far I have chosen not to have any cushions on the chairs, but to be honest they can be a tiny bit chilly to sit on.

So come winter I might choose to have some sheepskins thrown over them, for warmth and comfort. Yes, that might be a good idea. And just in case you wonder what kind of chairs I used to sit on earlier, click here.