There is no denying it... the air is crisper, the evenings darker, the nights cooler, the colours changing and the leaves falling. Once again autumn is here.

Every year it comes as a surprise, as if I am not quite ready for it yet. As is the case this year too. But there is nothing else to do but to brace oneself for yet another cold season.

Actually I have grown to like autumn, once I get used to the idea that summer really is over. In a way autumn feels like a new beginning, with more time for craft and other things that otherwise have been put aside during the busy summer season.

Busy or not, I have managed to finished this blue an white ripple that I started back in January. And I am mighty pleased with it. It is so soft, warm, cuddly and... woolly. Seeing that this one is finished I am ready for new projects. Autumn... bring it on.

Speaking of autumn, this entry is my contribution to the "Autumn Mood"-challenge at NIB. Lots of lovely inspiration to be found there.

But before I go, do let me thank all of you who shared your lovely, delicious recipes for broad beans and mushrooms in the previous entry. I can see I will be very busy indeed these coming months, cooking, tasting and enjoying. Thank you!