Does it sing...?

My latest woolly blanket is growing, slowly but surely. And I keep adding colours to it as I go. I started out with more or less the same colours as in the cushion to the left, but soon found out that I needed more.

I have added lighter colours, as for a while I felt it was getting a bit too dark (for my taste). Then I felt that it did not "sing", and needed a bit of razzmatazz, so I bought some bright yellow and orange wool.

But they did not work for me (I guess I am not quite daring and bold enough...?) so I returned the wool to the store and replaced them with more lilac and light green.

The squares are a joy to knit, while watching the news or just taking a break with a cup of tea. And a ball of wool is easy to bring along when going for a visit (yes, I always need to bring something along...)

I still have some 50 squares left to knit. So there is a chance to add more colours. Even though I do quite like the look of it so far I do not hear any "singing". But then again maybe I do not need to. What do you think...?