diy wall design with buttons...

We've had a couple of days all together in Brisbane and, as usually happens, we made loads of mess brainstorming and experimenting with new ideas - some for mondocherry and some just for our own homes.

Clare's well stocked jars of buttons inspired the creation if this wall design in the room of her biggest girls. Joy lightly sketched a pattern on the wall with pencil and then we simply used blu-tac on the back of the buttons, pressing hard to ensure they stuck well (you could also glue them on if you wanted a more permanent feature).

If you don't have a secret stash of buttons at home, most craft and haberdashery stores stock them- here in Australia Spotlight sells colour coded packs. And, if you are after a design inspiration, fabrics and wrapping papers often have simple, graphic shapes that would work well for this.

We would love to see your photos if you try this at home!