Coffee Table Treasures

I'm always on the hunt for great coffee table books, I often give books as presents to my friends and family and I love leaving a little message inside, something thoughtful, a lovely saying whatever comes to mind. Here are a collection of books on my wish list, some I have already purchased and some I'm collecting and wishing for, I'm one of these super organised people who start Xmas shopping now, with a large family, I love to spoil them all, if I dont start now, it all gets overwhelming and I dont put as much thought into every gift. All my children are readers we are not huge television watchers (they would be if I let them :) you will find most of us at night reading books, motivational, inspiring, beautiful picture books, cook books or a great novel. 

I cant think of a better way to switch off from the outside world, to put a side your worry's and to sit back and have just you time. I have found over the last year between facebook, emails and blogs I have spent less time reading and more time on the computer, recently I have changed that as I found my head whirling with idea's and trouble sleeping, I simply was not switching off. Once the night time rituals are over I tuck myself in alot earlier, make myself a cup of tea and I spend the next few hours totally relaxed reading and then having the best night sleep ever!