Thrifty chic

"Thrifty chic - interior style on a shoestring" is a new book to me (but maybe not to you, as it was first published in 2009) and one that I truly like. Thrift, recycling, make do and mend... you name it.

All of the above are close to my heart, as it is how I have always decorated my home(s). And lately it has even become fashionable. Not only has recycling become popular, but with thrift you can create a very personal home, far removed from mainstream style (and high street stores).

This book is full of photos of lovely homes decorated with thrift, reused and recycled items. It also contains a "how to"- section with great projects, ranging from padded headboards, lampshades made out of buttons, knitted patch throws (not unlike the one I am working on at the moment) to patchwork pillows.

Speaking of patchwork... my latest project is coming along nicely. It truly is the epitome of thriftiness, as all the fabrics are either recycled clothes, old soft furnishings and left over fabrics. Some have even been found at a local recycling centre.

I am fascinated by the idea of making "something" out of "nothing". And not just making something, but hopefully something quite pretty and useful too. Which really is the essence of patchwork, I like to think.

My patchwork quilt is growing, and so far I quite like what I see. Pretty blues and turquoise (my latest fancy), along with white and rosy pink. It is a joy to make, this little thrifty project of mine. As for chic... remains to be seen.