creatively connected...

hurrah hooray! i made it to Minnesota on wednesday on my 'owny oh', and made it all the way back again yesterday. we had the most spiffiest of times, me, Janine and Jessie, my two creative connection buddies. all three of us wore our rose coloured spectacles...

me, Janine and Jessie with our rose coloured specs firmly in place
so many many creative folks and so much connecting going on, it was quite the sight to behold. as i thought might be the case, i was so busy being a busy bee, 'frankly frank' hardly got a moment to do his thing, but thank goodness Janine was a little bit more 'altogether' and has put up a lovely slide show of just some of the event. so please do have a looky, you can click on it and make it larger. you'll be able to spot our stall and even if we did say it ourselves we were pretty chuffed with how it looked. each day we started tres early and ended tres late, sleeping very little as our cogs kept on turning through the night.

me taken by Janine Vangool (a most spiffy publisher of whom i am so proud of)
i am so thankful to all of you who stopped by our stall, who said "hello Tif", who bought me gifts and just made me feel so welcome. i am truly humbled by the kindness you showed me, the huge enthusiasm for the book and i am without doubt, quite positively sure, these past few days will stay with me forever.

she is busy beavering away, for her little creative cogs are riding high from being surrounded by so much crafty goodness ~ Tif