Beach Club

I'm convinced I definitely struggle with the word "Relax" I couldn't help myself whilst in Byron to go house hunting, well more house exploring, I stumbled upon the most gorgeous beach houses and wrote down endless ideas and inspiration. I then went on to check out the three houses I wanted to buy in Nashua (the Byron Bay hinterland) several years ago, one of the homes was purchased by Simon Baker from the TV show the mentalist, clearly we were not even a look in!!! Anyway I then found several other properties and one I truly loved, but again a higher bidder purchased the home, it was then we decided perhaps it was not meant to be....

I stood outside the property only a few days ago and wondered how our life would have turned out if we lived there, do you ever wonder what if? It is still a dream I havent given up on, but for now its back renovating our city house and who knows what the future will bring.

The Dunmore Beach club as featured above was renovated with inspiration from the 1960's era, I love the use of vintage rattan, simple but beautiful fabrics and great attention to detail, I simply love it!