September - the first autumn month. Early September usually feels more like an extension of summer, but now later into the month it is quite obvious that autumn has indeed arrived.

This year more so than before. But then again it is what I say every autumn... that autumn seems to arrive earlier than ever before. Yet this time I really think it is true.

The leaves are changing colour and many trees have shed theirs already. The productive potager has called it a day, and I have started tidying up.

By this stage not many flowers are to be seen in the garden (at least not in mine!) save for the odd rose that somehow has survived the rain and cooler nights.

As for apples, I can not say I am expecting a good crop this year. I think the exceptionally cold May, when the apples trees blossomed, is to be blamed.

I consider myself lucky if there is enough apples for an apple cake or two.

Then again I can not complain about the blackcurrant crop. Which has resulted, not only in delicious jam, but in lovely blackcurrant cordial. The bottles are now stored in the outhouse, waiting to be consumed on cold winter evenings.

My tomatoes, on the other hand, will not stretch far, as out of one plant I got all of 10 tomatoes. Three of which managed to ripen outdoors. The rest I have brought in, hoping they too will in time turn red. If not, "fried green tomatoes" it is...