Painted Concrete Floors

Since the issue of the latest Country Collections Magazine I have been getting lots of questions over my white floors. So thought I would dedicate this post to answering some of your questions.

Firstly yes my floors are painted White.
My floors are concrete.
We moved into the house and my biggest hate was obviously the blue carpet in the main lounge area and the master bedroom. I put up with this for about four weeks from memory and once the kids had gone to their grandparents for the week I knew it was the right time. My husband and I were sitting at the dinner table looking into this room and I said to him "lets get this carpet up now" before I have to spend one more day looking at it. So with little effort at all the carpet came up quite easily.
I filled the smooth edge holes with filler and made sure the concrete was cleaned thoroughly and the holes were sanded. 

I did spend quite a few weeks researching the best product for me and found that in "Berger" Jet Dry Satin.
I wanted a water based product one with quick and easy clean up. 
Berger Jet Dry does exactly that dries quickly.
I applied the paint with a roller and extension pole which is less stress on your back.
I initially purchased 10 litres but have since bought another ten for re-coating when needed.

I love the final look and yes it does feel like Satin to walk on.
These floors have been painted over two years now and I have touched them up probably twice.
I use this room for lots of photo shoots so I drag heaps of heavy furniture over these floors.
Yes they do scratch and do get dirty. But like any carpet instead of calling in the steam cleaner I just retouch with a roller and they look like new.
The floors are a tad cold over winter but that's where I introduce a few throw rugs.
We have extremely beautiful weather all year round which makes the floors practicle for me.

Painted white floors are not for everyone they are high maintenance but mostly I bring that upon myself.  I'm sure if you just painted them and were very careful the scratching would be minimal.
I do use a steam mop over the top of them and that works perfect.


I'm sure there are many other products out there but this product worked best for me.
You can buy many marine style paints and even just enamel paints that would give you the same look but I wanted water based. 

I did not need to apply a sealer over the top just applied two generous coats and re-apply as needed.

The floors are easy to live with and compliment all styles of furniture.
If you have some ugly carpet in your home with concrete underneath you may just want to give it a go. I would have preferred lovely floorboards under there but my home is only 9 years old so I was not that lucky.

So there you have it, a quick, inexpensive and easy transformation that makes a huge difference to the appearance of my lounge and bedroom.  

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