Happy Weekend!

I'm sure everyone out there is having a fabulous relaxing weekend while I'm pulling out cupboards, finding enough Xmas decorations to fill five tree's and more fabric imaginable, so we are having a massive clean out and heading to the Chandler Markets this Sunday, the most horrific part is we have to be there by 4am all I can say is I'm not coming home with one single thing!!! 
Have a great weekend xx

a big day...

hurrah hooray! i cannot believe we are already at the official book launch day... it has been a whole year since Janine, Glen and little Finley came to stay at Mossy Shed and now they are back in Seattle for our book launch.

in a matter of hours i will be catching the bus to the big city, where upon i will meet up with Janine and her little clan, and the lovely Lola Nova, my most fine and dandy buddy from Portland. she is in my 'nice folks' section of the book because quite frankly she is very nice to know.
then together we will sally forth to The Assemble Gallery and have a spiffy old time of things this evening. 

i think today would be a most fitting time for me to say perhaps the biggest "thanking your kindly" i have ever needed to say...
from the lovely peachy comments here, to the incredible amount of fabby mails in my inbox, to the twittering words tweeted, to the kind facebook messages, i have truly been overwhelmed by the response to the book. i feel most humbled to know so many folks have found the book to be inspiring, unique and totally dottie angel.

these past weeks for my family across the pond, well, it has been a crappity crap few weeks filled with emotions and sadness, and there are many more to come. so late last night into the wee early hours my man and i sat, and we talked and we talked with heavy hearts and heavy heads. he then told me, "no matter what Tif, tomorrow is your day, it is your moment and nothing will overshadow this, you have waited patiently for half a lifetime to have a little moment to shine and you deserve it."

and so dearest readers, i shall do just as he says, i will take 'my day', i will wear my cloggy sandals with pride as i step on the bus, 'little lucky bunny' safely tucked in my bag and head to meet my friends and my lovely blog readers to share this moment with them...
and i wish to share with you also, for those that cannot be here, be it my family across the pond, my lovely girls so far away and you, my dearest readers. thank you kindly for making me feel like i have inspired you to be a little crafty, to look at your stash piles of yarny fabric goodness and to feel itching to get stitching, for if that is one thing i am proud of, is knowing others too have become as addicted to crafting as me due to my little book and this here little blog i like to call home...

yes, today more than any other day, she is truly thanking you kindly, each and every one of you...

This Week's Happenings

Another busy week gone by during the school holidays. 
First up I found these gorgeous french looking nest of two tables. 
I love the detail under the glass and I will most likely give them a light coat of paint at some point. 

I was decorating with lots of Ashwell fabrics today so snapped a picture of the dining table. 

Some new pieces to the shop this week.

We also did lots of boating through the week and caught our dinner for the night. Nothing better than fresh fish. 

The kids in action casting out at the same time. 

Me getting ready to hop off the boat, after five hours of boating I was rocking in my sleep.

Another Weekend ahead of great weather - Enjoy.

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Lazy Days

Last night Adore magazine celebrated their first birthday at Magnolia's store in New Farm Brisbane. It was such a credit to Robyn and her staff, the store looked beautiful massed in the most beautiful fresh flowers. 

I have always been the sort of person to only wish others great success, I am a strong believer that if your confident about yourself and your work then nothing else matters, good energy only returns the same back to you. Last night I got to chat with so many designers the Porchlight girls, Kerri from Driftwood Interiors, Sharnel from Sharnel Dollar Designs, Keren Brown, Amanda from Oliveaux and of course the Magnolia girls just to mention a few, what stood out to me was the support we all have for each other, we all only wish each other great success and most importantly that we can all be supportive and yet remain friends and healthy competitors. 

So it had me thinking, I would like to organise a Christmas event for Queensland bloggers (and of course northern NSW) we haven't decided on a date or venue but if you have any suggestions please email me at judyelliottinteriors@hotmail.com 


I can't believe it's almost October again?!  Where did the year go?  I have no idea.  We seem to be smack bang in the middle of preparing schemes and quotes for clients for pre-Christmas work.  Before we know it we'll be racing against the clock to get everyone's sofas, cushions, curtains etc. installed before the 25th December.  We've also been working hard finalising our Christmas window displays and our Summer/Christmas online vignette which will go live early November.  Gosh I have no idea how we seem to get it all done!  Crazy is one word you could probably use to describe life at Black & Spiro.

I thought it would be fun to post a few photos of things I worked on today.  The pretty vintage yellow lamp is one I found for a client.  We were playing around with a few fabric options today for the shade.  The fantastic zebra print wallpaper is one I am using in a sun room for a client {I have been wanting to use this paper for so long}.  The pretty blue and white cushion is one we are having made for the shop along with lots more. 

I can't forget my last vase of ranunculus for the season which I picked from our garden over the weekend.  Good-bye pretty flowers.  I can't wait for you to flower again next year!!

That's all from me this week.  Short but sweet. 

Hope you have a great weekend!


Hello Again

Hello!  I'm back again.  I thought you might like to see some photos of a beautiful family home I've been working on for the past year or two.  As I say to my clients - homes decorated over time always end up being the most beautiful.  This house is one of those houses which we have added layer upon layer and to be honest, I could work for these clients for the rest of my life.  They are always so happy and kind and thrilled with the things I do for them.  It really is an honour to have helped them turn their house into a home which is filled with very special things they love and cherish.

This is their sitting room.

This is their family room and dining area. 

And below is a snapshot of the main bedroom. 

Next stage is redecorating their son's bedroom and the upstairs sitting room and study nook which we will take our time to work through.  Slowly but surely is definitely the way!!

Farmhouse Trestle Table

When I found this table last week I had the perfect image of teaming it up with a set of six rattan chairs that I already had in my shed. These chairs were meant for a more french style table that I am in the process of doing up but I just think this style of more formal chairs with a country table works just perfectly. The table is made from Tasmanian hardwood and is a gorgeous piece. 

Would make a great statement in a dining room with a large crystal chandelier above. 

The chairs were put in the too hard basket for over a year but then Ange came to the rescue and recovered the chairs pads for me in this gorgeous linen fabric. 

You can see to the left of the dining table is a gorgeous french Armoire that I haven't had time to make over yet.

The table top has been sanded and sealed with the base painted white. 

The table is huge and could easily be an eight seater if required. 

These were the chairs before they got new linen covers. 

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