Collecting Love

I have always been a collector of beautiful crockery, cups and saucers, glassware and beautiful napery. I believe if you own it use it, I'm not one to store my good pieces away, I love to use them every day or when I can.

This weekend was one of those easy weekends, Saturday we were up early to visit the markets, peonies are in season and of course I couldn't resist a few bunches to take home, some fresh flowering potted hydrangeas and lots of delicious stone fruits and mangoes, dont you just love this time of year?

Today I woke early for my swim at the local pool to return home to make bircher muesli for my family topped with the most juicy passionfruit and berries. I discovered how to freeze raspberries, by spreading them on a tray and snap freezing them, once frozen, place in snap sealed plastic bag that way you have raspberries all season long, especially as Christmas approaches and they become ridiculously expensive. Anyway not that i'm much of a cook but its amazing what you can learn watching Jamie and Nigella :))

Hope you enjoying your weekend x