on the 9th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
a little string of joyfulness
(skill level : easy peasy lemon squeezy)

its no secret, i'm a big fan of little strings around our shed. some are more exotic than others, when that is the case i call them garlands. if you perchance would like to make something more exotic than this here strings i have for today, you may wish to take a little looky over here and over here (you have no idea how long it took me to track down that last link... yes like most things, my archives are a little jumbly bumbly)

this is not rocket science crafting, in fact truth be told, most of the 12 days of joyfulness have not been, but that is a-okay with me, for this time of year i do believe easy peasy things to craft, are the way to go and there is nothing more easy peasy than these little strings of joyfulness.

* string
* hook
* paper doilies
* (failing paper doilies,) paper coasters
* (failing paper coasters,) scrapbooking card
* (failing scrapbooking card) old christmas cards
* scissors
* hole punch
* gleeful sparklies from your box of glee
* cup of tea
* five minutes peace
* perhaps a small being or two for help
(which may void the 'five minutes peace' bit)

1: if you have some vintage paper doilies or paper coasters in your stash, yipee! if not, then cut some circles out of your scrapbooking paper or christmas cards. i actually don't have any scrapbooking paper but i have noted upon pottling around our local craft store that there is a wealth of fabby papers and some would be most suited to this little string.

2: punch hole in top of each circle

3: start a chain with your hook and string, (if you cannot chain, do not fret, i'll suggest something in a mo.) here you need to decide if you wish things to be even or a little odd in their placement. i decided i wished not to be 'a little odd' today which makes a change. after you have chained a while, add your first circle by slip stitching through the punched hole and continue upon your chain-y way for as long as you wish your little string of joyfulness to be.

if you do not chain, then just cut a length of string to your liking, then cut little short strings and attach to your circles (a bit like a gift tag tie) and then attach to your long string.

4: repeat step 3 for your sparkly gleeful ornaments, with a bit of luck they already have nice little bits for attaching to your chained string

5: hang up your little strings of joyfulness wherever you think needs a bit of joy

tuesday is day 10 of joyfulness ~ Tif