on the 10th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
three crafty souls of joyfulness
(skill level : all levels)

for the 10th day i thought it might be quite jolly to share three crafty souls who are most peachy. each of them very different in their own styles, each of them most gifted in their talents and each of them with books filled with crafty goodness.
most worthy of a wish list or two.

crafty soul number one:
Janet Clare

i have known the lovely Janet Clare for quite the while and i have been delighted to see over the past few years how her talents have been recognized and she travels all over old blighty teaching and showing her quilts. Janet has had a book inside of her for some time and i am most happy this is the year she managed to make that book a reality. i love that Janet not only wrote a book full of wonderful projects but in the back, she gives the nitty gritty on how she crafts, many templates and also brilliant close up photos of embroidery stitches and appliqueing. if you love quilting and applique and love a bit of nostalgia mixed in, then this book would be right up your street

~ a week full of quilts for a girl and her dog ~
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crafty soul number two:
Eline Pellinkhof

Eline is really a wonderful crafty soul and her book truly captures her love for making and crafting. i have to tell you, i fell in love with the world of Eline when i came across her 'cross stitched' wall art. i gasped thee gasp and needed to know more. Eline's crafty book is written in dutch, however i spent quite the while studying in details the pictures and came away totally inspired (inspiration from one such project is day 12 of joyfulness). i am tres delighted to say Eline's book has been so well received they will be printing an english version in June 2012, "hurrah hooray" is what i say. best of all, the projects may appear winter based, but with a tweak of colour and a twist of fabric they could easily be adapted for any time of the year

~ homedecoraties om zelf te maken ~
(home decorations you can make yourself)
(as told to me by Terry Translator)
53 projects and recipes


crafty soul number three:
Pip Lincolne

Pip and i share a love of the three C's. crafting, crocheting and clogs. i think it true to say we also share a love of crafting for the pure joy of it. i'm a huge admirer of Pip and her crafty soul, she inspires crafters across the globe with her happy joyful crafty soul, generous spirit and i admire anyone who says they do not care what others may think of what they make or the colours that they choose. i think at times when i am fretting about my yarn colour choices i need to channel my inner Pip and fret not. Pip has quite a few books out and i believe more on the go. her recent one when i saw the cover just made me smile, it made my little crafty soul warm up and wish to get busy. that is what i love about Pip and her books. they make me feel its okay to have a love affair with stickyback plastic and twigs. yes, this is the book for you, if you love happy, jolly crafting.

~ while the sun shines ~
25 crafty projects and recipes

and there we have it, three perfectly peachy crafty souls for a bit of joyfulness on day 10 ~ Tif