A good girl...?

I hope you all have had the loveliest of Christmases. Thank you for your Merry Christmas-wishes, for e-mails and even presents. I am so grateful for them all. You truly are the best.

We have had a lovely Christmas, just the three of us (Zara, the dog, being the third one). Delicious food and drink, lovely long walks in the woods (never mind the storms that have been howling most days) and just enjoying each others company.

We opened the presents on Christmas Eve (according to Norwegian tradition). Oh my, I do believe I have been a good girl this past year... so many lovely gifts!

Books, blue and white GreenGate china (I have had my eye on the little jug for ages!), Kusmi tea (thank you Marianne!) and some nice cotton yarn for new crochet projects, along with a crochet hook and home made pouch for keeping them all in.

But the biggest surprise was a new pair of original Muckboots. Just what a country girl needs. A good girl indeed...?