on the 12th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
12 joyful things to note and reflect on
(skill level : easy peasy)

pencil and paper

simply scribble down 12 joyful thoughts
and if things seem a little sad, try to see a silver lining of joy

joyful thing one:
mossy shed is filled with joyful decorations in anticipation of the arrival of my folks today, Our #2 on saturday and Our #1 on sunday. to have my clan altogether for christmas has me giddy beyond giddy. has been so many months since i saw them last, this past week i have not dared think about my girls coming home, for when i do, i well up inside and feel my mothering heart beating. come the 25th we will celebrate christmas, on the 26th we will celebrate Our #1 turning 20 and on the 27th we will celebrate Our #3 turning 16. yes, it is quite true to say, there are many reasons to be in celebratory mood in our shed over the coming days.

joyful thing two:
starting my cadbury's chocolate advent calender on the 10th of december and finishing it all by the 12th. i have always wished to do such a thing, and felt being aged 43 it was high time i did such a risque thing in my life. it was two whole days of pure guilty joyfulness and i plan to do the same again next year.

joyful thing three:
despite my children's grandfather (my man's father) being so terribly poorly over the past few months, with the devastating affects of cancer, this christmas we will be celebrating all the wonderful years and times shared with him and indeed be joyful of those memories. i struggled to find this silver lining, but after the sadness which has engulfed our lives since september, it was important to look for it, i hope you don't mind.

joyful thing four:
having a small pesky doggie with a fondness for thrifted crochet and linens

joyful thing five:
i know this will be the year i look back on when old and crinkly in my rocking chair and marvel at how an indie publisher and crafter collaborated upon a book and how many folks embraced the results. leaving me thankful and joyful.

joyful thing six:
despite my sweet Used Dog not being granted a 'clean bill of health' i am so joyful to be told we have bought her more time on this earth. for now my constant canine companion is feeling perky and happy after several tough weeks. i do not know how long we have left together, the future is not ours to know. but what i do know is, every day i have my friend by my side will be a joyful day until we come to say our goodbyes.

joyful thing seven:
thinking ahead to the new year and my resolution. this past year's resolutions have gone rather well and so i am optimistic for next years. that being said, i have aimed high and i fear it may be 'pie in the sky' high, but i must try and try i will. 

joyful thing eight:
after refusing to shop for groceries in Target because it just didn't feel right, i broke down on tuesday evening and ventured into the food aisles where upon i discovered the most peachiest shortbread cookies with itty bitty chocolate chips in. having eaten half the container yesterday i fear i am too weak in the willpower department (please see joyful thing two) to not succumb to their alluring charms in the cupboard. it is not a good sign when you wake up the next day at 6:30am and within a few minutes wonder to yourself when is an appropriately okay time to have another cookie.

joyful thing nine:
whilst wondering about cookie eating appropriate time, a crafting epiphany hit me this morning, like a little lighting bolt out of the blue, the cogs started turning and i realized seeing january looming and a half empty shed again, isn't looking quite so bleak after all.

joyful thing ten:
attempting to make a star cookie tree on christmas eve with high hopes it will not crumble or fall apart and more importantly not take on an orangey hue

joyful thing eleven:
taking a little time off until mid january and using that time wisely to make things, to twiddle with things and to figure some things out. yes making, twiddling and figuring will be a wise way to spend time over the coming weeks.

joyful thing twelve:
may your days be merry and bright whatever you celebrate this time of year, may they be shared with loved ones, including the four legged kind and ones with wings too and may your coming new year be the peachiest of them all

she is wishing the 'happiest of happies' to you all ~ Tif