Random December ramblings

Do sit down and have a cup of Christmas tea and chocolate cake (the recipe can be found here) as this is a long rambling post about random Christmassy things a casa mia.

Remember the oranges and cloves from my post the other day? Well, now they are (finally) done and are here to spread their lovely scent in the room.

Look who is here for the holidays! The lovely Zara is going to spend Christmas and New Year with us. We could not be more pleased.

We would love to have a dog, but being able to borrow this lovely creature every now and then is the second best thing.

No Christmas without angels, and here is one of my very favourite one. She has made many an appearance here in my blog, and is likely to make many more...

My tree is also decorated with angels.. and baubles... and cones (not a single Santa, his helper "nisse" or Santa´s sleigh in sight..)

Last, but not least... my Christmas stockings. These are the very first pair I made several years ago. They are the "mother" of all my other stockings.

Since I made these I have developed the design a fair bit, but this first pair remains a firm favourites in our house. So much so that my hubby does not want me sell them, or give them away as gifts (like I have done with the others).

Ah well, who am I to complain... these stockings hold delightful memories from Christmases past. There is certainly a lot to be said for old favourites.