teacher presents and gingerbread houses...

Although our mondocherrry work has slowed down considerably as we prepare for Christmas, it hasn't stopped me from stitching, beading, cutting and wrapping as I prepare some little Christmas thank you gifts for the wonderful kindergarten teachers that have taught my children this year. I created the packaging by folding baking paper and stitching up the sides to make a little envelope. I love wrapping with baking paper as I adore the sort of semi-see-through effect it creates. The little birds tags, created from recycled vintage illustrations, also look great hung from a twiggy branch in a vase. You can purchase these from our website if you are interested!

Feeling well and truly in the holiday spirit I decided to attempt my first ever gingerbread house yesterday from scratch, after lots of pleading from my son. An epic fail!!! The gingerbread was too soft, the icing wasn't sticky enough and the walls caved in....those things are tricky! I would love to hear any tips you have on gingerbread houses for if I am feeling brave enough to attempt one next year!

Off to the Christmas carols tonight to take time with my family to stop and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.