It sings...!

I started knitting these squares for a blanket back in July. But never before have I been so unsure about my choice of colours for a project. Usually I have at least a vague idea of what I am trying to achieve, but this time it has been a struggle.

I started out with a few of my favourite colours; blues, pinks, greens and lilacs. But then I started to have doubts. Was it too plain... was it too boring... So I tried to add different colours; bright yellows and even orange (not my favourite colour by a long shot).

But none of them worked (for me). In the end I decided to go with what I had, only to include a light bluey grey. So here you have it. But does it sing...? Yes, I like to think it does. These are "my" colours, after all. Not that the blanket is quite finished yet.

I have six more rows to assemble (making it a total of 15 x 10) and a (hopefully) pretty border to crochet, to finish it all off. Also I am hoping that the finished result will look a bit neater after I have given it a quick steam press (not sure it is the "right" thing to do with wool, but it does help against the bulging).