Trees, angels, oranges and stars...

You will be forgiven for thinking that such "an impressive" title is followed by all manner of interesting things. Not quite the case, unfortunately. This is just a random post about my Christmas preparations, while the storm is howling and rain is pelting down (soon all the snow from my recent post will be a distant memory).

Never mind the storm, indoors all is cosy and warm. A little Christmas tree has found its way into the living room, where it will remain, unadorned, through the Holiday. The oranges and the small bowl of cloves have a purpose, too. The plan is to decorate the oranges with the cloves (I do love the smell of those two together), but since daylight is so scarce, I did not get to do it... and to take a photo of the finished result... before the light disappeared.

I can not be called a minimalist, and most likely I will never be one, but recently I have found myself wanting less things and more space around me (no mean feat in a small house). This includes Christmas decorations. In the beginning of December I brought down from the attic my (one!) cardboard box of decorations. Out came the angels and my Advent lights, and the rest went back up. This little angel is one of those that made it.

Back in early November, while I was still just dreaming of my Christmas decorations, I planned to "go rustic". It seems I am more or less sticking to that plan. Another (smaller yet) Christmas tree has been plonked, quite unceremoniously, into yet another white jug on the window sill. It too will remain unadorned.

As for the star (in the title), it refers to the one in my laundry. There it shines, night and day, all through the Holidays. Just as it has done for the past (give or take) six years. And hopefully will continue to do so for Christmases to come.

But the main "star" of my Christmas is still waiting for its chance to shine. No Christmas without a big, "proper" tree (this one will be decorated!). Ours was bought yesterday, and is still waiting in an outhouse, in a bucket of water, to be brought indoors. Hopefully tonight, as tomorrow evening is the date for our annual Christmas dinner with friends. To be continued...

How are you getting along with your Christmas preparations?