December morning

I do like me a slow leisurely morning (I have never been a "rise and shine"-person, and usually require a bit of time to "shine" in the morning), like this Saturday morning in December. A cup of tea, a wood burning fire and a bit of crochet, just the way I like it.

I am still working on the bluey grey cushion cover. Some more grey wool has been bought, and I hope to get this finished some time soon. Not that there is any real hurry, as I quite enjoy the process.

There is no denying that Christmas is fast approaching. But my "decking the halls" seems to be a slow process. What I enjoy most about Christmas decorations are the flowers and the scents. And I have made a start at both. A white azalea and lovely Christmas potpourri.

Not to forget my beloved victorian angels. They are the first decorations to come up every December. This year being no exception. But this year I am in luck. Not only do I have the usual angels to hang in the living room window. I even have a new set of angels to hang in the bedroom.

My mother-in-law had a clear out this summer(!) and threw these lovely creatures in the bin. But as luck would have it my alert father-in-law (who remembered my fondness for these very angels) rescued them. Now the angels have a new lease of life, and I can assure you never again will they be thrown in the bin!