First Paris... then party!

As previously mentioned I had a special day in November, one that my loved ones thought worth celebrating. So first I was whisked off to Paris. Then it was thought that a party was called for.

So a party we had, though just for the immediate family. Now I do not often show you a prettily decorated table, as pretty tables unfortunately are not my forte. There have been the odd photos of a pre Christmas dinner with friends, and of a barn party for a larger group. And that´s about it.

This time I did my best to set a pretty table, using all the assorted china, glasses and chairs at hand (I never seem to have enough of any one of them). And the lovely roses (by now starting to look shabbily pretty) given to me by my hubby on my very day.

The long and short of it is that we had a lovely party, with lots of laughter (and the odd tear...), good food and wonderful company. And now that I am done with the celebrating I believe it is about time to start thinking of the approaching Holiday in earnest...