The first snow

Autumn has been unusually mild this year. Apparently the mildest one since they started recording such things, some 100 years ago. Which is quite a contrast to last year, when the unusually severe winter set in early November (making it the coldest November in 100 years).

Truth be told I have quite enjoyed the mild weather, and have not longed for snow. That is until now, when the fast approaching Christmas has made me dream of a white world (there is only so much I can take of the darkness, and now that the sun sets around 3 pm, and it is more or less pitch dark by 3.30, I long for some light).

To my delight it started to snow last night, the very first snowfall this winter. And it continued to snow throughout the night till this morning. Once the clouds drifted away the sun came out and shone from a clear blue sky.

How can I not love the snow? It makes the whole world (from where I stand) look so pretty and squeaky clean. And Christmassy. I wonder if it is too early to start dreaming of a white Christmas...?