on the 2nd day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
happy hangers of joyfulness
(skill level : easy peasy lemon squeezy)

ah yes, there will be quite a lot of dingly dangly and clustering going on over the next few days, for i do like myself some dingly dangly clustery goodness. this little 'how-to' is as easy peasy as 1,2,3, yes sometimes those are the besty type of all

i do think 'small beings' would greatly enjoy making them. especially if they have taken time to make their own handmade decorations, this would be the perfect way to display their 'joyful' handiwork, perhaps pinned above their beds so they may gaze upon their happy hanger before falling asleep.

* a wooden hanger
(or one who happens to have a coat of crochet)
* fabric strips in happy colours
* bit of lace
* mod podge or needle and thread
* dingly dangly ornaments from your gleeful box
(or handmade lovelies made by 'small beings')

1. take your wooden hanger and with strips of fabric start wrapping around the wood. you can keep things in place by using a bit of mod podge on the ends of your strips, or you can use a needle and thread to do a few quick stitches. add a bit of lace to the proceedings, if you so feel inclined.
 if your wooden hanger has a coat of crochet already, you may wish to wrap a bit of fabric around its metal hook, this is easily secured with a knot around the base of the hook

2. start dingly danglying ornaments from your box of glee, you may have to think about balance here, no good hanging a very giant dingly dangly on one side unless you have another to balance it out. this way your hanger will stay straight and things won't fall off one end the moment you hang it up.

3. once your hanger is filled with joyful ornaments, take a look around your nest for a lonely bit of wall, put a pin in it and hang your little hanger of joy, step back, decide if it needs a friend, if so keep on making more.

and voila! easy peasy lemon squeezy

inspiration : 
from a love of covered wooden hangers and needing an excuse to pin them to the wall

day 3 of joyfulness coming monday ~ Tif