Change is good

Change is good... don´t you think? There is hardly anything I like better than to change things around in my house and my little studio. Nothing major, just a change in textiles, colours and the small things around me.

Today it is my little studio that has gone through a slight change. Until today it looked like this (by the way, if you click on the link you will see that I have yet to finish all the various projects shown in that post, save for the colourful knitted blanket).

The quilt on the day bed is a favourite of mine, made mostly out of various Cath Kidston fabrics. It has, on several occasions, graced the sofa in our living room, but never before the day bed in my studio.

When a particular quilt or blanket is not being used, it is stored in the old white cupboard in my studio. The cupboard contents are constantly changing, all depending on what is being used, whatever new I have made, and what has found a new home.

But enough change for now, I really better start doing something useful, rather than keep fiddling with my stuff. As mentioned earlier, I have several projects to finish (so that they can find their rightful place, either in the house or in the cupboard!) and new ones on the go (more about those later). So I better get cracking...