a dar~ing, clue~ing, hint~ing kind of day...

today i have donned my businessy nitty gritty cap 
so i may tackle my businessy nitty gritty stuff with authority. 
i thought my cap rather bedraggled 
leaving me no choice but to perk it up 
by wearing a bright green floral frock & cardi avec elbow fabric patches. 
so far i have dibbled and dabbled upon Colin the computer for near on two hours, 
all the time dingly dangling the carrot of a 'gold sticky star' so i may stay focused. 

do you like clues?
 possible snippets of something interesting? 
i have no idea if monday is such a day for such things, 
but whilst wearing my businessy nitty gritty cap
 i am overcome with throwing caution to the wind, 
gathering up my authority on such matters as 'hints and clues' 
and saying
 "why yes it is Tif, it is the only day of the week worthy of such matters"...

how daring, how clue~ing, and yes, how hint~ing can one get?