a goat, a bernina & a panini...

i got a goat for christmas! not just any old ordinary goat but an exotic goat.

i know him to be exotic for he lives in foreign climes. it warms my heart to think of my goat living out there in the big wide world with nice folks in their bit of yard, helping them daily with things goats are good at helping with. 

my goat is named PIP'S FRIEND and one day when i have another goat in my own back yard she will be called PIP and i will be able to say "do not be lonely PIP, for you have a friend living in foreign climes and perhaps you may care to skype with your friend so you feel a little better". 

of course it may be possible that they will not understand each other, having been bought up in different countries with different languages, but then again, i wonder if goats the world over speak only one language and therefore communication is not a problemo

i told my man, this was a grand gift indeed. how thoughtful that he should know how much i wished for a goat of my own and yet at this moment in time am unable to give my goat a home in our yard. however now, he has told me i am able to say i have a goat, he just happens to live elsewhere a bit like some of my clan. this kind gesture has greatly made up for the 'panini maker' incident of 2008, i think he felt rather relieved upon knowing this fact. 

whilst we are on the subject of Paninis i do have some thrilling news to share, 'the thrifty crafty tales of Bernina & Panini' sort of thrilling news which has me most giddy.

the beginning of this new shiny year was the start of many things, one of which, a new blog called 
based upon the friendships of old. the lovely handwritten postcards sent between two friends telling little tales of this and that. and so it came to be, my lovely friend Bernina (who was gifted a bernina sewing machine for her 40th) and me, Panini (who was gifted a panini maker for her 40th) decided to share our thrifty crafty tales in the way of postcards sent across the pond.

a spiffy example of the thrilling postcards written between Bernina & Panini...

we hope you will enjoy reading the rambling postcards sent between two eclectic women of a certain age, separated by a pond but brought together in the spirit of friendship & by the love of all things granny.

'tis a huge dump of snow outside her window, telling her its best to stay in and wallpaper ~ Tif