A New Year

I have made my New Year resolutions and printed them in my diary so I look at them daily, checked out my horoscope for the future year predications, then on queue a seagull decided to bless me with his droppings just as I was contemplating the New Year, of course at first my initial thoughts were, "Are you kidding!?" until I made the mad dash to google to check it actually is good luck, whew!!!!

Well 2011, I am certainly happy to see the end of it, personally it was a year of sadness and loss as we grieved the loss of our son, we witnessed so much tragedy in Japan, the earth quakes in NZ and the most horrific floods in our home town, so many people endured so much loss. On the good side it bought families and friends closer together, made people re-evaluate life and made us prioritise what was most important.

The GFC certainly knocked us about and sadly alot of businesses suffered, but I also witnesses alot of businesses thriving especially in the homewares and design industry in Australia, dont get me wrong I know its been tough, but isnt it these times that makes us step up, makes us think differently and out of the box? My fellow Brisbane bloggers have stepped up with innovative online shopping concepts, two fantastic online design magazines that are of international standard and we had the opening of some beautiful new homewares stores all in difficult times. To me it shows the strength, talent and determination of so many, personally I find that so inspirational.

This year I am returning after a much needed break to interior design, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle some fabulous interior design and decorating projects this year. My blog will be having its final revamp and my website will be up and running early this year. I have set myself alot of goals this year and if I achieve half of them I will be thrilled, I wish you all the greatest success and happiness as we start the New Year with a bang x