Spot the difference

Spot the difference. Or rather... what is new in this photo. No, it is not the rosy cushions, neither is it the colourful crochet blanket.

Nor the pretty roses (the same ones as in the previous entry) in the vintage jug. The blue and white Spode coffee cup is not new either.

No, I do not blame you for not spotting what is new, as the new one is almost the same as the old one... hihii. Yes, we have bought a new white sofa!

The old one had served us well for some 16 years (the last eight in a white guise, as opposed to the original beige). But after such a long service the poor thing was definitely looking (and feeling) worse for wear.

A new year... a new sofa. Ektorp from Ikea (the very sofa that can be seen all over Blogland, at least in Scandinavia). Not that it worries me. We needed a new sofa, and as luck would have it Ektorp is now on special. A good start for the new year!