Beautiful spaces

Where to find inspiration for beautiful spaces...? One good place to look is Rachel Ashwell´s latest book "Shabby Chic Inspirations and Beautiful Spaces".

Her pretty book appeared in my mailbox yesterday, and there sure is lots of wonderful inspiration to be found, if you are "shabby chic-inclined". I especially enjoyed the photos of a shabby man´s home!

I also love old portraits , and therefore totally adore Rachel´s creative nook, including this pretty painting.

Of course there are loads of beautiful homes (twelve, to be exact) to look at and admire in the book, some more theatrical (and maybe a little less livable?) than others.

I am happy to own most of Rachel´s books, and even though I am most pleased to have been able to add her latest book into my collection, I think her previous book is my favourite one to date.

Are you a "shabby chic-lover"?