constant canine companions...

hurrah hooray, 'tis friday, 
once again it has whizzed on round. 
i have never lost that feeling of 'yippee its friday'! 
it goes way way on back to my school days...
next week is quite thrilling, 
for it is all about the three C's.
 crafting, crochet and clogs.

for now though,
it is all about my constant canine companions,

who have done a spiffy job of keeping me company
whilst my man is in old blighty.
yes i am thinking quite honestly
there cannot be anything better
then a constant canine companion or two

especially this week...

she is wishing you a peachy weekend filled with lots of C's ~ Tif
footynote: oooh! lets play spot the difference. after all it is friday...
what is the difference between photo #2 and photo #3, apart from the obvious shape of the picture.
gold sticky stars up for grabs :)