the three C's... day one

crafting: (a 'dumptie')

now some folks may think i have lost my tiny mind and i am 'a-okay' with that, for Mr Spell Checker has mocked me and Darren Dictionary has informed me in his very knowledgeable voice, that the word 'dumptie' does not exist.
but how can that be, for 'dumptie' is such a spiffy word, it surely should exist
'dumptie' (pronounced dump-tee)

ever since i stumbled upon a 'dumptie' last week i have wished to fill my shed with them, i have of course used great willpower and only crafted three so far. 
two in my studio which in turn is our winter lounge corner 

the first 'dumptie' i crafted last week, this unexpected happening had me positively giddy with thoughts of  further 'dumptie' making
not wishing my first 'dumptie' to be lonely, i made him a friend

and one in our family room, an elongated 'dumptie' if you please

a little 'lumpy bumpy' but some of the best things in life have a little lumpy bumpy-ness to them

this elongated 'dumptie' waiting for two bods who like each other to share, reminds me greatly of one i saw a while ago on sfgirlbybay, originally the bench came from Anthropologie. through some clever detective work (whilst wearing a deer stalker hat) i found the image pinned on Victoria's spiffy pin board. (not bad eh for a monday morning). 

mine was crafted from my long midcentury bench, i made a peachy fitted cover from a fabby sandersons fabric and then using two large cushion inners i made a long cushion cover from a thrift store fabric find and a piece of quilting fabric. i did debate going to the store and buying a piece of inner that would be the exact fit but then my little crafty cogs turned and i declared the two cushion inners in my cupboard upstairs would be equally, if not better than. yes perhaps they do look a little 'lumpy bumpy' but i quite like 'lumpy bumpy'. if you do not, and that is perfectly alright, perhaps wrapping the two cushion inners in wadding may help with said 'lumpy bumpy-ness'

i am thinking any lone stool and any lone cushion could easily no longer be lonely if we spent our days wisely in our own sheds, pairing them all up. it could be as easy as finding one little wooden stool and one little round cushion you already have and introducing themselves to each other (or square, i have nothing against squaries so do not leave them out). 
it could also be a case of, the need to add a 'dumptie' to you life, is the perfect excuse to go on a thrifty jolly. searching for a little stool or perhaps a small side table with legs looking like they could do with being chopped down. then bringing home your spiffy find, giving it a lick of paint and then spending a few happy hours stitching it a cushion top to make it feel loved.
after which i am quite sure, you will be having to check regularly on your 'dumptie' and its condition staying maximum 'dumptie-ness' for if my 'dumpties' are anything to go by, they will attract a lot of attention from clan members and their derrieres.

do check regularly upon the health and safety of your 'dumptie'

and so i think it only fitting, as the word 'dumptie' is of a greatness level with any other word i know like 'peachy' and 'spiffy' and 'crappity crap' that those who have a dottie angel book in their possession may wish to add a little note to the back pages in the fine and dandy section, 'a dottie angel dictionary'. i am thinking you may be able to pencil it in or scribbling it on another little piece of paper and sticking it in might be rather nice.

a spiffy little seat made for pondering
in between pottlings around and about
your abode

she is still beavering away with Miss Ethel, whilst sweating in her thermal vest, due to much beavering ~ Tif