blankets on the brain...

i have several drawers in my little brain 
and within them are stored many things to ponder.
they are labelled and they are quite a nice set of drawers. 
i would not say until the other day they are painted glossy custard yellow,
 but now they are.
for if i cannot achieve a custard yellow cupboard in reality
i can at least have one in my imagination.

one little drawer is labelled 'crafty must makes'
and a few weeks back i opened it.
from out of that little drawer in its fine and dandy coat of glossy yellow
leapt 'fabric lappity lap blankets'
"ah yes" i thought to myself, 
"of course that is where i popped you well over a year ago to keep you safe"
for the first time in yonks i feel like i can stop still,
open these drawers and see what lurks within,
waiting for their moments to shine...
'tis a good feeling.

over the coming weeks with high hopes, 
myself and Miss Ethel,
my adopted auntie and her Mr Bill,
and a pile of vintage and used fabrics
we will be beavering away on 'lappity lap' blankets.
two sizes of course!
one for little critters and small beings
and one for medium beings who perhaps care to share with another,
or perhaps not.

and then when we are all beavered out,
i will hang them in my shop window in a cluster,
for in my little drawer marked 'crafty must makes',
alongside the scribbled note saying "lappity lap blankets"
was a side note saying
"Tif, hang in a cluster, for a cluster of lappity lap blankets
 truly will make your crafty heart beat a little faster"

a 'lappity lap' blanket, this one will live at Mossy Shed for she stole my crafty heart

she has dallied in the yarn aisle whilst her #4 kicked a ball around the soccer pitch with a coach who appears to have lost his watch ~ Tif