yesterday Little Olive sat in her suitcase staring at her twiddly bits attached to her blankie.
i sat at the kitchen knook table staring out the window at the arrival of Mr Autumn.

i noted to Little Olive that we were indeed a right old pair of old pants together.
for it was the 3rd of October and so far there was no sign of our dynamic keep fit regime starting.
we had prepped and planned for the first of the month and now 3 days into the month, nothing. 
not a single ounce of 'keep fitting' going on between us.

she quite rightly pointed out it was mainly my fault.
i quite rightly pointed out, indeed it was, however i had a fine and dandy excuse.
to which she looked at me with the look of
"oh yes, and what would that be Tif?"
to which i replied
"Little Olive, as much as i wish to keep fit with the passion of a marathon runner, alas and alack, i cannot.
for the colour yellow is weighing heavily on my mind, distracting me nicely from matters of the heart and such is its distracting ways, it also appears good at distracting me from keeping fit"

i then proceeded to jolly Little Olive up with a hearty lively debate of the colour yellow, does one think a cupboard in my studio would benefit from a lick of its lovely sunny self and what were her thoughts on it.

where upon Little Olive proceeded with her usual trick of "if i can't see her, surely she can't see me", in the high hopes i would fizzle off and talk to some other poor unsuspecting critter in the shed

she is thinking Little Olive may not be volunteering to come to the paint store this morning ~ Tif