I like brown. Always have, and always will. There have been periods in my life when my home has been full of earthy brown shades. Yet in recent years I have explored other brighter colour combinations, and all that has been left from my "brown days" is my brown furniture.

But come autumn I feel the urge to surround myself with quieter, earthier tones than the pretty pastels that have been the norm lately. White, I am sure, will always stay with me. Yet I love contrast, and what better than a bit of earthiness to contrast with the paleness.

I have been "out and about" this past week, and on my travels I came across this lovely "Vintage by Fé"-shawl. I intended to wear it myself, but seeing how good it looks on my bedroom chair it just might end up staying there...

The furry white cushion is also a new purchase. And all of a sudden I feel that autumn really is here, and that I am just about ready for it. And for a bit of vintage earthiness. Brown is beautiful, would you not agree...?