Today is a special day. A day for celebration. As it is exactly five years ago that I posted my very first "Mias Landliv"-entry on this blog. Five years!!!?

So today I have baked a cake and invited the ones I share this household with to join in on the celebration.

Zara graciously accepted the invitation. As did my hubby.

But the thing with this lot is that as soon as they have had their piece of cake they lose interest and are out of action. (No prizes for guessing what is missing from this picture...)

So I am left to my own devices with the celebrating. Unless you, of course, would like to join in? Or maybe you too have lost interest and think I have worn out my welcome...?

Five years, and a whole lot of repetition, like this latest knit of mine (almost the same, but with a twist). So maybe the time has come to quit while I am ahead... Either way, there is more cake to be had.