Hard pushed...

We had a dandy frost last night. The first one of this season. Which of course made short work of all the annuals and tender vegetables, like zucchini (I am so glad I tiptoed out there last night, aided by a torch, to pick the last ones before they were ruined by the frost).

Usually the day after a frosty night dawns bright and sunny, but this was not the case today. Grey it was and grey it has continued to be. And to make the matters even worse, it has started to rain now (I guess we ought to be grateful for the fact that it is rain, not snow, after all. As it was forecasted to be on higher altitudes).

One thing is certain, that autumn is here, whether we like it or not. As I tok a stroll in my rather sad looking garden today, I feared I´d be hard pushed to find anything uplifting and redeemable out there (unless, of course, one is a sucker for bare branches and dead leaves...)

But to my delight there still is a bit of colour and, indeed, beauty to be found. I do find autumn colours quite charming, but was also delighted to discover a few brave flowers, that did their best to shine and brighten up this dark October day. Asters, along with rosehips, for one.

And there were a few roses too. Like this Canadian William Baffin. It has been very late blooming this year, as I had to cut it back a good deal after last winter, which was a particularly hard one.

Another brave one is this Comte de Chambord. She was a new purchase this summer, as I lost the one I had this past winter. All I can hope is that this one will make it till next year...

Hard pushed indeed... but I am glad I did take that little stroll today, as is really pelting down now, and there is no way I feel like making another one. But with the aid of an umbrella I just might be able to make it into my little studio. The heating is on now, and it is quite warm and cosy there now.