Black and White Inspiration

A very special friend of mine is passionate about black and white interiors, I love it when we get together because we chat non stop about books, houses and travel, we had lunch together recently and she wanted to know if I had watched the show million dollar homes featuring my style icon Mary Mcdonald, I dont watch alot of TV opting to read instead so I was seriously not happy I missed the series. Lucky for me she has taped all of them, so next week we have having a girlie day of lunch, champs on the sofa watching every series.

One of the most exciting parts of working at St Barts is the people you meet, last week I struck up a conversation with this gorgeous lady, we could have chatted for hours, it just so happened to be my most favourite artist Claire Stening, well I did try to contain my excitement as I have followed her work for years, she is incredibly humble but ever so talented. 

Have a great day x