A year has pasted

Its hard to believe it even happened and yet yesterday it was year we said goodbye to our son Nathan.
The photo above was taken several months ago when we decided as a family to place Nats ashes in the sea. Byron Bay has a special place in all our hearts and after some rock climbing at Tallows Beach we found the perfect place to say our final goodbyes. When we approached the beach we all stood there a little stunned, written in the sand by a stranger the words "wish you were here" that didn't help the already teary family but it put a smile on my face to think just maybe he knew we were there. Yesterday we returned to the same location. I sat on the beach reflecting over the last year, still disbelieving, wondering why he had to race his car that day, questioning so much but not getting the answers I so wanted to hear, five children lost their brother on that day, we lost a child, I dont think it will ever make any sense to me.

My husband Paul recently did a talk to Nats school Iona College in Brisbane, the talk was infront of grade 11 and 12 boy's most have a car or a licence. The point of it was to share a story and I thought maybe if I put the letter up on my blog you could read it to your teenages, especially as most deaths occur around the Christmas holidays,  if one child gets the message then to me it was worth it.