Xmas workshop

Some of you regular readers might remember I was a bit of a busy bee last autumn, making stuff for a Christmas Fair. And some of you have asked whether there will be a fair this year too.

The answer is yes. There will be a new Christmas Fair at Basnes, and I will have some stuff there this year too. Christmas stockings, for one.

So it is about time to get cracking. I have set up a little Christmas workshop in my studio. This is the outcome so far. A pair of stockings in the making, utilizing old lace, ribbon and some such.

Another pair is also on the go, making use of snippets and small scraps of fabric. Mostly in blue and white (with a bit of Cath and GreenGate thrown in for good measure).

These stockings are such fun to make. A bit of candle light and some Christmas music to set the mood, and time just flies, making it almost hard to leave my little studio at the end of the day.

(Despite my previous resistance, I seem to be getting into all things Christmassy...)