Volume III

About one and a half years ago I very nearly closed my blog. But before doing so I had my blog printed out as a blog book. Which turned out to be two whole books (after then 3,5 years of blogging).

A while back my blog had its 5th anniversary, and I thought it was about time to order my 3rd book. And so I did. The book took some time to come, but here it is... Volume III of the saga of Mias Landliv!

I am sure Mias Landliv will one day cease to exist (at least online... unless, as an old biddy, I will continue to blog about the goings on in the old people´s home... Somehow I doubt it!). But with these books Mias Landliv will not be completely gone, and I will have a lasting memory, a diary really, of all these blog years.

I have ordered my books from Blog2print. If you order your book before the 30th of November you get a 15% discount. My "Volume III" is a hardcover book, has 270 pages and cost about $106, including shipping.