November is not my favourite month by a long shot, and I tend to think there really is very little to commend it. Daylight is increasingly scarce, and the days tend to be gloomy and wet.

This year´s November being no exception. But today I decided to try and find some beauty in a gloomy November day, and accompanied by my trusty camera I went out to look for that very thing.

Of course I did not have to go far to find something to lift my spirits. I headed straight towards the barn. A month ago it was still empty, save for the pile of manure waiting to be spread on the fields.

Now I am pleased to tell you the manure is long gone, and the barn is once again populated by our lovely flock of sheep, including a handsome new ram "Peder", who is proving to be quite popular with the ladies.

I often tend to think of November as an "in-between" month. A month in between the glorious autumn colours of October, and the joyous Holiday celebrations of December.

As I rather not think of Christmas yet, I prefer to enjoy the last of autumn colours in my garden instead. Of course these colours are starting to get quite scarce by now, but there is still some to be found.

Last year the snow came early , but I rather hope that will not be the case this year. Right now I think November as this is not half bad as is, after all...

How about you, do you like November?