What I´ve been up to...

Oh my, is it really three weeks since my last entry (the longest break in the saga of Mias Landliv so far)...? And oh my, what a lovely bunch of readers you are, so generous and so encouraging. Truly the best ones a blogger could ever wish for. Thank you!

So what have I been up to lately? Nothing much, really. Just a bit of dabbling, like redecorating my little studio. Or maybe it does not quite qualify as redecorating.

The "Denim Love"-quilt, that lived outdoors all summer, has come to stay in the studio. Resulting in a bit of shifting around of bits and bobs. Nothing major.

I have actually grown quite fond of the "Denim Love" quilt. And seeing that it has come to stay indoors, I will in the distant future (called next summer!) need a new one outdoors. So a knew one is on its way. Same look, same colours, nothing original.

I have also been fiddling with a bit of wool. I found some blue, cream and grey wool left over from this and that project. I am thinking I just might have enough wool for a cushion cover.

I have also bought yet another decorating book; "Etcetera" by Sibella Court. This time I was lured by the original cover. And it is quite a lovely book, but not quite "me".

But back to more yarny stuff. Since my last entry I have knit the front of the latest (in a long line of) cable cushion(s). But then I ran out of wool... and steam.

And then there are the knitted squares, that hope one day to be made into a pretty and colourful (have you noticed that so far in this entry there has been a strong blue and white vibe going on? These last two photos are a happy exception) woolly blanket. I still have 16 more to go (only 16, you say...?)

Well done you, if you have managed to stay with me till the end of this long entry. Yes, we have indeed reached the end. Now do feel free to tell me how much you have missed me (as if!) while I was on my wee break, cos I sure have missed you!

Some of you wondered about the lovely dog Zara in my last entry. I am sorry to say she is not ours. But we love to have her stay with us every now and then. Hence her appearance in the blog from time to time.