update on Used Dog...

it has been many years since i wrote a christmas wish list 
but this year i have one, 
it is quite simple and i am only asking for one thing:

1. a clean bill of health for my constant canine companion

i have high hopes it will not be too much to ask for.

last night, Used Dog came home. 
she made it through the operation which turned out to be a tricky dicky one, 
leaving her with several layers of stitches and 30 plus staples in her side. 
but still her little eyes shined brightly 
and her tail wagged when she knew she was home.
('cos that's what doggies do best, even on bad days)
we lay side by side in the lounge all night long. 
just me and my secondhand dog. 
now some may call me insane, but i think not. 
for my dog has been by my side through good and bad for over 11 years, 
so at a time in her life when perhaps she is not feeling the bees knees,
 i think it perfectly sane for me to lay next to her, 
so she need not be afraid.

the next few weeks her side will slowly mend, 
the staples will be removed 
and the long wait will be over. 
we will know if our Used Dog, 
despite the doctor's concerns, 
has a clean bill of health 
and a few more happy doggie years left on this earth

so i must take a moment to thank you all so kindly,
for all the fingers and paws crossing you have been doing
on behalf of our Used Dog
and may i be so bold and ask if perhaps
you may care to continue to do a bit more 'crossing'
until we know she has a clean bill of health.
i know it may be tres tricky to go about your daily lives
with crossed fingers and paws,
but even just a little 'quick crossing'
 every now and then would be spiffy.

and tonight, 
when Used Dog comes home to the shed again,
after another day at hospital
and we lay in the dark,
just her, me and my florence nightingale cap.
i will be sure to tell her of your kindness 
whilst i administer half hourly doses of ear stroking.

she will be back tomorrow with the peachy 'one little bird' to share ~ Tif