willy nilly...

this week is all about getting photos done for my joyful shop update
(please look to the right if you do not know about this and wish to know more)
(please do not look to the right if you do already know about my joyful update, or indeed, do not wish to know)

yesterday as i took a breather, i looked around me at the piles of handcrafted goodness and little forsaken souls alongside of knick knacks, all waiting patiently for their moment to shine.
they all looked so peachy just hanging around, twiddling their thumbs, so i snapped them right there and then with Frankly Frank's help. 
here's just a few of those snaps. 
no particular order, 
just a willy nilly collection of what i saw

she has found a rather lovely 'small being' and on thursday will be sure to share ~ Tif