Country or Beachy Wardrobe

I would describe this wardrobe as Beachy or Country as I could see it in either styles of decorating.  Sometimes when you buy pieces to make over you have to sleep on it for a few nights until you can decide on the look your wanting to achieve. This was not the case with this piece. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly how it would end up looking and thankfully this is it. 
Painted white panels are lots of sanding so the timber pops through. 

Forgot to take a photo of the inside but it has hanging on the left and heaps of drawers of the right, a very functional piece.  

A new lamp shade I re-covered. 

Round crystal knobs to replace the old metal pulls. 

These candle holders have the perfect amount of rust on them. 

Would suit any part of the home, could be used in the bedroom, laundry, kitchen or even holding all your crafts. 


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