The mellow fruitfulness is long gone but the mists seem to prevail, as this November has proved to be particularly misty. I do not mind, as I quite like the mysterious atmosphere the mists create.

Not that there is anything remotely mysterious about my activities of late... I have been quite busy in the garden, preparing it for the approaching winter. And if I may say so, I am quite pleased with the results.

The compost has been emptied and spread over the raised beds for soil improvement, making it a real feast for the hens (all the juicy earth worms...) Not that the compost is the only place for such delicacies...

The currant bushes have been pruned (I am afraid it is ages since it was last done). A bonfire is planned for tomorrow, to burn all the cuttings. I can hardly wait for the lovely wood smoke in the misty air.

All the flower beds, in the potager and elsewhere, have been cut back and cleared (I task I often fail to do before the snow falls) and they are about as ready for winter as can be.

And so am I, even though I would not mind if the misty weather continued a bit longer. I quite enjoy it and love to be outdoors this late in the year. As do the hens... a hen party in the mist.