Flowers At Home

I cant get enough of flowers, its my one true indulgence and rarely a week goes by that I dont have fresh flowers in my home. Every weekend I head to the markets to buy them, at Rocklea markets in Brisbane my husband grabs the coffee and Lily a baby chino while the girls go flower shopping, we can spend hours carefully selecting every bunch its no wonder we are on a first name basics at the flower stands! I'm definitely not a florist even though I'm looking to do a course, but I have mastered a few techniques, first collect the vases you need, I then make sure the flower heads are arranged in my hand just the way I want them to look in the vase, I trim the stems to the perfect height, trim one first otherwise you may cut them too short, make sure you change the water every few days, trim dead foliage, I slightly trim the base of the stem every few days to keep them healthy and lasting longer.

On another note: over the next few days my blog is having a total revamp, so I do apologize if it appears in disarray to say the least, but all will be in order the next few days x